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Selling your van has never been so easy. We Buy Vans are used van buyers who provide you with best services for your van, pickup or commercial car. This all takes you to enter the details pertaining to your van into our simple valuation section.

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First step to sell your Van, Provide us you Van Registration Number. Simple and Easy!!

The very initial step to sell your van is by providing us with your Van Registration Numbers. That's it, as simple as ABC.



We supply you with a value that conforms to the worth of your Van.



After analyzing your Van carefully, we buy vans will provide you our most generous proposal. The two mediums opted by us to contact you for this purpose are emails and phone calls.

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We Van buyers own 17 years of experience in the field of motor trade. We guarantee you a tension free and smooth service while you sell your van to us. Our procedures are simple and require no effo rt from your side.

We deal with all types of vans be it Small Caddies or some large Luton. We are easily approachable Van dealers Buckinghamshire. We arrive at your door steps and pay you in CASH or Bank Transfer according to your feasibility.




Most Sold Vans

Most popularly sold Vans This Piece of write up will enlighten you about the vans which were sold the most in the United Kingdom.
  • Fort Transit
  • 2,126 Sold

    Archetypal large van from Ford. This is now bestowed with much more efficient Euro 6 2.0-litre EcoBlue engines and an optional six-speed automatic gearbox that should heighten its demand additionally among the urban operators. It has abundant supply and enormous dealer network.

  • Mercedes-Benz Sprinter
  • 1,980 Sold

    Since the time the great Mercedes-Benz Sprinter was launched and the number of its admirers have been multiplying ever since then. Over the past few decades Sprinter’s other competitors have grown in numbers but yet owing to it’s cool features we can, Van dealers Buckingham shire, position it ahead of it’s the closest rival, the Ford Transit.

  • Citroen Berlingo
  • 1,254 Sold

    Citroen's cousin to the Peugeot Partner shares most of the same qualities. These mainly encompass practicality and value attached to it. These vans are also super cozy and comfortable, but not the best choice to drive.

  • Volkswagen Transporter
  • 1,453 Sold

    If you are the one gives a high regard to street credibility. Then you are in for a real treat. This is because VW transporter is tough to beat anything in this context. It is an ideal all rounder which one can wish for. It surpasses all the aspects like equipment level, economy and pay load capacity. So, it’s definitely not a cheap choice.

  • Ford Transit Custom
  • 3,902 Sold

    This Van is UK’s most favorite and popular van since ages. These mid sizes Ford have had the privilege to be the UK best-seller for quite some time which is probably hard to count today. This seems an unbeatable and unprecedented van to drive. It has got everything a considerable payload capacity, wide variety6 of trims, 2.8 tonned towing capabilities and a stunning signature to drool over.

  • Ford Ranger
  • 1,169 Sold

    In the past few years Ford Rangers had issues related to its supplies. But now the Ford Ranger is again in the league to compete it’s contemporaries as the supply problems have been resolved. This was UK’s top pick up on sale. Euro 6 (or Stage 6 in Ford speak) engines are finally available.

  • Peugeot Partner

    1,165 Sold

    Its popularity can be guessed by the fact that although it is stated to be replaced by the year 2018 but the queue of its buyers seems never ending. It has a huge market value and cheap to maintain and run. Though, it is not as good as to drive like a Transit Connect.


Instant Valuation

You don’t need to worry about what is the value of my van and who buy my van. Obtain Your Van's Instant Valuation & Quote from us by filling a form or calling at 01494-792479.

Top Concerns of Selling a Van in UK

  • What if my Van has been damaged in an accident? Who buy my Van?
  • We Van buyers purchase any Van. If you are up to the thought of selling my van for cash today, then it is none of my concerns if your Van was or is damaged. If it was damaged and is now repaired or is still damaged we can still go ahead and purchase it from you. Though this will affect the valuation we offer you and it depends upon the level of damage.

  • I have outstanding finance against my Van?
  • These dues should not perturb you into thinking that who is going to buy my van. Prior to the proceedings of the fund related transactions, all the outstanding dues on the van needs to be cleared. Relebiket finance company needs to issue a settlement letter. In a situation where the outstanding finance balance is greater than the agreed valuation. You will have to agree to pay. We buy Van the difference between these amounts at the point of the collection according to the Velebit finance companies settlement letter.

  • What does 'subject to view' mean?
  • This phrase implies that the valuations which are dispensed by We Buy Van are subject to the change on viewing the vehicle. The offer is not fixed and therefore should not be considered as a final contract.

  • How do you value the price for Buy my Van?
  • We Buy Van have had the exposure of buying and selling thousands of vehicles everywhere. For this reason, we have feasible access to the competitive prices that are currently prevailing and commonly used in the market. Fill out the details and get you van valuation now.

  • How and when will I receive my money?
  • On the confirmations and identification of photo card Id, we deal in paying direct cash, company cheque or company bank transfer. The payment method depends on what the customer chose according to his or her need.

  • What if my Van has been imported?
  • We buy any vans and imported van also makes to our list of bought vans. No matter if it is being imported, we don’t mind buying an imported van at all. Keep this in mind that specifications and models vary from one country to another country. So for this reason the price may vary from that of a UK supplied van in some situations. If the van you own does not show up on our website the contact us directly with complete details of your car. We will contact you with the rest of the proceeding as soon as possible.

  • What is an import?
  • The two kind of import includes parallel and grey imports. The parallel one is purchased in EU. This means that the customer can request a valuation for this imported car as normal as any other vehicle of UK. This is kind of facility is owing to a very minor differences involved in this type of import. While the grey import, is pretty opposite to the parallel import. It is purchased outside the EU but has a different approach to valuation. You will have to specify the kind of import upon the occasion where you will have to provide the details on the V5 registration document.

  • I'm ready to sell my Van, what do I do know?
  • You can reach to us via our Telephone number 01494-792479 or e-mail cash@webuyvan.co.uk. Or you can go ahead and complete the value your vehicle form. We the Van Buyers are standing by for your call or e-mail.