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The vans are the dealer’s best friends. Actually, you could say that your van is the most important tool you have because no matter what, your transportation business is very important. It is also very important no matter you are an electrician or a plumber, any of your profession completely depends on your vehicle such as transport work.

That’s why it’s so important that you take care of your van. A little bit of looking into maintenance essentials can easily help you get the longest service possible from the van you already have and maintain the sale value if you regularly want to change your van for a new one.

Having a strong vehicle maintenance program is very useful for the health of your vehicle. Checking your vehicle regularly is part of a healthy regime to stay safe on the road, as well as being crucial to protecting one of your biggest investments. It does not matter if your van is already passing through the sloppy runabout or what the quality of your showroom is, regular maintenance can help you avoid any sudden inconveniences. Some of the key aspects to keep a check on your precious van might include:


Check the tire pressure of your van more often than your vehicle, especially the rear wheel. This is because the extra weight you normally carry on the back makes the tires heavier.

Examining the air pressure at least once every two weeks will help make sure the tires are safe and provide the best performance. And do not make the mistake of giving them a “good blast of air” that goes beyond the recommended inflation pressure. Although a very low-pressure increases wear, too high a pressure increases the likelihood of an explosion.

Drivers should visually inspect their tires regularly, especially after crashing into a pit, sidewalk or any other type of debris. Swelling, cuts and other visible damage weaken the internal components of the rim, which can cause an explosion. Regular visual inspections often identify potential problems before they result in an accident. You should get your tires inspected from time to time and before going on a long trip by road and make sure that there are no obvious conditions that need to be addressed.


You do not have to be a mechanic to take care of your van’s engine. Simple things like checking the oil regularly are safe methods to ensure that everything runs smoothly. Also check the coolant level, the liquid level of the engine, the brake fluid, the hydraulic steering fluid and the air filter. This only takes a few minutes, but it can make a difference.

Ignoring an illuminated engine light can cause serious engine problems and costly repairs. At the very least, this light could warn you of an engine problem that is negatively affecting fuel economy. Therefore, make sure you see your mechanic if you see the warning light of the engine.


This will not make your van work better, but taking care of its appearance will help increase resale value. Keeping it clean and well maintained on the outside will reduce the possibility of developing rust. It will also represent a more professional image.

Inside, the seat protection devices can protect against dirty clothes, dirty boots and even dirty hands that result from many jobs. Clean the board and steering wheel regularly with a cloth and detergent. Once again, this will leave the van in better condition when it is time to change it, so it will be worth more.


Keeping the lights is important for your safety and also for other road users. Broken lights are not only dangerous but also illegal. Avoid fines and penalty points by regularly checking that all light bulbs are in good condition.

Owners of vans working in particularly dusty or dirty conditions, such as builders in some places, should also take additional measures. Clean the dust or dirt accumulated on them regularly. Otherwise, it may highly affect the effectiveness and visibility of light, compromising road safety once again.


In addition to checking that your van is in a good working condition, make sure it is safe as well. Add additional locks or an alarm if you are worried about carrying expensive tools or other items, leaving your van unattended in certain areas or overnight, or for any other reason. Making things more difficult for thieves can save you many long-term problems. You can also save on your van insurance since there will be no claims to influence your No claims bonus!


Your van works with different types of liquids, many of which must be replaced properly and regularly once they are consumed. Therefore, keep track of the basic fluid maintenance of your vans, such as coolant, power steering or wiper fluid. Oil changes are also important as they act as a basic nutrient to the van and any unusual behavior that involves them is cause for concern.


Although currently, automotive batteries do not require much attention to maintenance, it is always best to check if they are in a good condition. Losses, burns or other significant damage are possible alarm signals. In addition, equipped and familiar with the relevant equipment, such as a jump starter, a battery tester, and a cleaning brush.

Since maintenance and aftercare is not always a priority for van owners, you may not realize that you are doing things that adversely affect the performance, safety, and value of your vehicle. Timely maintenance can be very useful to save money, avoid hassles and protect the investment of the vehicle.

Having vans with a good level of maintenance might seem difficult to you but it actually saves your money a lot because it saves you from big losses. It also increases the sale price of your van or vehicle. Therefore, it is always better to keep your vehicle under a good regular supervision and care.

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