Your Basic Responsibilities Before Selling Your Van

What Are the Best Options When Selling Your Van
August 4, 2018
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sell my van online

sell my van online

This advice is intended for individuals who are selling their van or any other vehicle. The following things you should consider before putting your van up for grab. As a citizen of the United Kingdom, following are your responsibilities, which need to be fulfilled by you before selling your van to a dealer or privately.

To have your van sold soundly, check yourself with the following points:

Are You Entitled To Sell This Van?

This seems obvious or a little bit hysterical but one of the most important responsibilities of any individual, who is selling his van, is to make sure they actually have the right to sell the vehicle. If you have unpaid financing on your vehicle, you must pay before, as soon as you can. Otherwise, you are not entitled to sell this vehicle. But, if your answer is yes, you can move on.

Are There Any Outstanding Finances?

If you have any outstanding charges on your vehicle, you will have to settle before selling it off. Therefore, either you are selling it privately or to a dealer, you should contact your financial provider to see if you need to do it before the sale (possibly). However, if you sell products to a reseller, they can use it as part of the exchange. But keep in mind that this does not apply to personal loans because they are not fixed in your van.

If your answer is no! Then move on.

Are You Being Honest?

The person you sell the vehicle, telling the truth to him or her is very important. Therefore, you must describe the vehicle as honestly and fairly as possible. This should reduce the risk of future disputes and any claims that you have misrepresented the sale of the product. This does not require you to disclose information about vehicle defects. But being honest about its condition is important. If the buyer wants to take a test drive and that drives revealed about your misrepresentation? You must not mislead and must answer the question franchise. If you have an unreliable vehicle, and you want to get rid of it, then you can consider selling it to scraps.

Is Your Vehicle Ready For Sale?

When you are about to sell your van, you must make sure that it is in perfect condition and working order. If there are minor deficiencies, you should consider dealing with these issues – restoring the vehicle to its original state will improve its value, and if the buyer thinks you have not disclosed all the problems and misled them, they can chase you. This is especially true if the vehicle has major defects and the results are not appropriate, such as tire wear or rear-view mirror damage. It is a criminal offense to sell an inappropriate vehicle unless the buyer is fully aware of this fact, so it is wise to understand it from the moment you advertise the vehicle.

Are You In Possession Of All The Required Documents?

You should also collect all available documentation, such as service history, MOT certificates, and V5C certificates. Once you have completed most of the vehicle’s sales all you need to do is some paperwork to bundle everything. If the MOT has expired or is about to expire, you should consider updating it. If the vehicle does not have a valid MOT at the point of sale, the buyer will not be able to drive it. Also, if you explain to the buyer that it is easy to get an MOT instead of refreshing your previous one, it will impact the sale price badly.

If you can’t find these files, you’ll need to replace them. You can get a replacement MOT certificate from any MOT test station. You will need the vehicle registration number as well as the MOT control number or V5C voucher reference number. You can get a replacement V5C certificate by contacting DVLA.

Are You Going To Sell It Privately Or To A Van Dealer?

If you sell a vehicle, your main responsibility is to make sure that you describe and represent the vehicle in a fair and accurate manner to potential buyers. As a private seller, you do not have to guarantee the buyer that the vehicle is in good condition. However, if the vehicle is in good working order, you cannot pretend that the vehicle is in good working order, so if a potential buyer asks you for the condition of your vehicle, you must be completely honest.

For example, if a buyer tells you he needs a vehicle that travels regularly over long distances, if you know that the vehicle is not suitable, it can be considered misleading.

What If Your Potential Buyer Wants A Test Drive?

Before you let a potential buyer drive the vehicle, you must ensure that he is legally authorized to do so. This means that you have to check that they have a valid license and that they are insured to drive your vehicle – they may have a coverage message from other vehicles (DOCs), with which they can drive someone else’s vehicle with permission from the owner.

You may be able to include test drivers under your insurance policy and if you plan to allow a number of people to test your vehicle, you can temporarily extend coverage so that other people can drive the vehicle. Contact your insurer to see if this is possible.

You must always accompany a potential buyer during a test drive. Do not leave them in a position where they could steal the vehicle; for example, do not stand off the vehicle when the keys are still in contact. For your safety, you must ask their name, address and telephone number before submitting them to test the vehicle.

What Should You Do After Selling Your Vehicle?

Once the vehicle is sold, you must contact DVLA as soon as possible to let it know that you no longer own the vehicle. Your V5C certificate will describe exactly what you need to send to DVLA. Not doing so can cause problems in the future. First, tell DVLA that you no longer have a vehicle, the operation is very simple: just pull out the bottom of the V5C and send it to DVLA. At the same time, the most important part is provided to the buyer, as well as all documents related to the vehicle. If the vehicle has an incomplete warranty, please inform the company that you have sold the vehicle. Last but not least, do not forget to tell your insurance company that you no longer own the vehicle.

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