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August 3, 2018
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Have you been thinking about selling your van or already made a decision to trade it? If yes, here are the best options for you to earn a good estimate for your vehicle. You can trade or sell your vehicle, but you should inquire about the price of your van first, it should be a reliable estimate of its value. You can do it easily at home by connecting to We-Buy-Vans.

To find out the estimate for your vehicle, you will need to answer a series of questions about your vehicle, including brand, model, and mileage etc. you may have to answer the questions such as what the condition of your vehicle is, what the cylinder capacity is or what is the VIN. You must be as honest as possible. After completing the questionnaire, they will provide an estimate. You should save this information, get a hard copy and be ready show it to the dealer or bring it to a private party, whoever you want to sell. If you want to know the best option between selling you van to dealers VS selling it to the private party, here are the pros and cons.

After getting the reliable estimate, here are your options to sell your van.

1. You Can Trade It For A New Vehicle.

This is usually the fastest and easiest path you can take to sell a vehicle because you are selling an existing vehicle while buying a new one. If there is an effort, this makes your current vehicle sales relatively small. But you must know that you have given up something for your convenience. The exchange value offered by the vehicle dealership may not be the best price you can get. The reality is that the higher the value assigned by the dealer to your current vehicle, the less important it is to resell the vehicle.

In some ways, you and the dealer, you are buying the vehicle from, are natural enemies when it comes to the value of the vehicle. Selling your van for cash would be a better option in this scenario. This process seems to bring too much motivation to the dealer. After all, you do not just work with a dealer to buy a new vehicle, but you now have to add sales from your existing vehicle to the hybrid. But if the main purpose of your vehicle is simple and practical, which is to buy a new van it is best to trade with a dealer.

2. You Can Sell it to the Dealer

Even if you are not buying a new vehicle at home, many vehicle dealers will buy your current vehicle. After all, they are all selling in vehicles, buying your vehicle represents an opportunity to sell it as a used vehicle in their lot. If you are from the UK, here is your best option to sell your Vehicles.

This is completely different from the exchange, as dealers may offer you the not best but ample value vehicle. But this is a way to separate vehicle sales from buying new vehicles. If you just switch the vehicle to the new vehicle’s down payment, it works like this. If you are not satisfied with the fees they pay for your vehicle, this will at least give you the option to walk and travel to other dealers, if you are not pleased with the offered amount.

Check the vehicle dealers in your area even if you do not buy a new vehicle from them, there are vehicle dealers who will buy your van for cash. Shop around and work with dealers to provide the best service. You can get an evaluation on the website and bring it to participating dealers, who will check the function and condition of your vehicle. If the vehicle responds to the description you have given, the dealer will buy it in cash or accept it as a new purchase discount.

3. You Can Sell it to a Private Party

This is the way you can get the maximum price for your vehicle. If you plan to sell your vehicle to a private party, your target price must match the retail value assigned to you. This will be the highest price for the vehicle. But it is not an easy option, this way may get you the best price for your vehicle but it does require a lot of time and elbow grease. Also, to get good bidding you are required to spend some money on marketing for your van too.

A disadvantage of this approach is that it almost certainly takes longer than any other available sales method. You must advertise the vehicles for sale and wait for the right buyer to come around. Before you are really interested, you may have to show the vehicle several times, which can result in a lot of waste of time and no result at all and who really has the money. Other than that, you have to promote your vehicle every minute. Promote your vehicle whenever possible, preferably in a place where you can use it for free. Look for sites online where you can promote your vehicle, distribute flyers at workplaces and businesses, and send emails to everyone you know. After all this elbow greasing and time investment, the last step comes when you get the right buyer.

Once you find the buyer, make sure you accept the check from the cashier and close the transaction at the bank where the check was issued. Only then can you hand over the title of the vehicle and the vehicle itself to the buyer. Never accept personal checks because they can bounce. This will require you to take legal action to recover the vehicle. But if the personal check issued is fraudulent, then you may have no luck at all.

4. You Can Try “We Buy Vehicles for Cash” Signs

Did you ever see the signs on the road saying “we buy vehicles for cash” You can ignore them during the normal course of your life, which people usually do? But when you actually thinking about selling your vehicle/van on the market, you may be tempted to see what they got and you can give it a chanced to bid on your vehicle. The problem with these offers is that they are usually very weak. After all, the reason they made such a quote was to buy a good vehicle at a cheap price. If your vehicle is below average, they cannot quote at all. All the quotes they make can be related to insults towards your vehicle

You are better off selling them to a local dealer. Failing that, you’ll probably be better off trading it in as a down payment on a new vehicle. This option must always come last.

If you have a van and you want to sell it, you can call us at (01494)-792479. We provide you with a free evaluation of your vans and other commercial vehicles without any long waiting or other hassles that you might face in private sales. We give you the best price and the good news is that we are just a call away!

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