How to Sell your Van? – Privately vs through Dealership

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July 20, 2018
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July 24, 2018
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Selling my vans

Selling my vans

When you have used van that you would like to sell, the burning question which arrives at the beginning is whether you should sell the van to a sales agent or to a private dealer. Both options are good, but there are risks inherent in each option. Before you place your van on the owner of the van, you must make sure that you provide the exact exchange value of the van to another dealer or a third company in the transaction. If you sell used van to dealers, usually you can get the wholesale value of the vehicle, and if you sell it to a private party, you get closer to the retail value. But selling your van is not a five-finger exercise.

In order to do things right, you must hand over the vehicle to several dealers for evaluation and consultation with each dealer. Buyers will come to you at least when the private party is sold. If you set a realistic price for your van and promote it on a recommended confidential website, you should sell it quickly and easily. Don’t be too impatient, especially if your vehicle is not a popular model. However, there are several other factors you’ll need to keep in mind in addition to the amount of money that you stand to make from one method or the other.

If you Sell your Vehicle to a Dealer

The process of selling a van to a dealership requires very little paperwork because the dealer is willing to handle all of these requirements properly. It is often easier to find a dealer who is willing to buy your vehicle, especially if the van is in good condition. One of the main benefits of selling a van to a dealer is that it is more reliable than trying to sell a van to an individual buyer.

Selling to a registered van dealer pays for convenience. This cost is different but it comes down to the price difference between selling the van privately and unloading it to the dealer. This difference cannot be ignored. Though this difference, not entirely, but covers up in other expenditure and does not matter to numerous people. Even sometimes, when dealing with the right dealers, this difference is downsized to the minimal.

Pros of Dealing with Vehicle Dealers to Sell your Automobile:

  • You do not have to pay the advertising cost.
  • You do not have to print your phone number for the world to know.
  • You do not have to answer a stranger’s phone and have to tell them where you live?
  • You do not have to spend your time or your weekends at home or at the meeting place waiting for people who might not even show up.

Although, it is not really a risk one of the downsides of selling a vehicle to a dealer is that you can usually only estimate the exact value of the van if your dealer is often reluctant to negotiate prices for your van. In the end, you may earn less than selling a van to a private buyer. But talking to dealers, they will tell you that for those who don’t want to sell privately, or who don’t count a big couple, this price difference is not always a problem worth discussing.

Although the dealer’s price will decrease, you don’t have to walk around to get the van into the airworthy period. The dealer looks at the van, you pay the price and start selling. Since then, this has been a problem for dealers, including van issues. This is another practical thing.

If you Sell your Vehicle Privately

The main benefit of selling a vehicle to an individual buyer is that you can make more money. You have complete control over the price of the van and any negotiations. One big advantage of private sales is that you may end up with more money in your pocket to offset the cost of the next van. On any used van, the price you charge privately should be higher than the price the dealer pays for the van. Because the dealer is a middleman and when selling to them involves trading fewer dollars.

However, private sales have some disadvantage. These are more of the problems and risks rather than disadvantages. First of all, you must remember that the presentation is everything. If your van is not in a good condition according to aesthetics, then the buyer may not be interested in paying well too. Some of the risks and problems associated with selling vans to individuals also include that you may need to spend more time and effort looking for suitable buyers. You may have to spend your weekends for strangers. You may have strangers ringing your phone up, asking where you live. And you may have your time wasted in waiting for strangers who might not even show up. This is particularly difficult; it may not be worth it.

You are also paying the cost of advertising. If the vehicle is not sold on the first weekend, it may be too expensive. You have to do some research. In order to get the right price, you have to look around for a similar van to sell and find out what the landlord is asking for. This involves buying newspapers and magazines and studying the situation.

The biggest problem is that by selling vans through commercials, you can afford to open up van thieves to take full advantage of your situation. It is common for a bad person to call your van to check it and politely refuse to buy it.

In addition, when you sell to individuals, you have less protection from the legal point of view. Therefore, before selling a van, you must take the time to understand all the necessary legal procedures.


The simplest bottom line to all of this is that selling to dealers is the easiest and safest way. Private sales are more economical, but it is harder to work. At the same time, it can be very risky.

Selling your Van to Us

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