Van vs Pickup, Which Should Be Your Company Car?

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(Van vs Pickup) If you are looking to sell your van and confused to sell it should use it as company car, you should get a pickup for your concern needs, after all, pickups are more luxurious than van available on the market and it is suspect that trucks will become a popular choice for corporate cars in the future. Selling your van and buying a pickup or utilizing the available one for you need would certainly be a better idea. Pickups are a very well-grounded option, especially when you’re looking for a company car which will be professional and practical.

We expect the company’s cars to have a considerable number of pickup trucks in the future, after all, the performance of pickup trucks in luxury goods is greatly improved. There was a time when pickup trucks were a protected area for builders, traders, and farmers across the country, but today the temptation of this humble truck has become more widespread. Here are some reasons you should sell your van and keep a pickup.

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They Are Appealing And Practical For A Family:

For various reasons, trucks have begun to attract the families very much. The recent double-cab trucks with rear seats, single cabs unavailable always have impressive spacious cabs these days, while enhanced safety and robust styling also a reason for pickups appealing to families. For many people, the company’s cars are family cars that are used to transport children to and from school, football games, and sometimes even dogs.

Therefore, the practical aspect is a big deal. Also, before the practicality and versatility are mentioned, you need a huge loading dock. Great traction and true off-road capabilities also mean they have become a hot topic for outdoor enthusiasts. Hence, the twin cab pickup is a perfect family car. Of course, it can withstand a lot of weight, the interior is spacious, it is very suitable for walking dogs, take your family to vacation, take guests to the meeting.

They Are Taxed Considerably Same As Vans:

With respect to corporate automobile taxes, the tax rate for vans is very different from that of cars. With a company car, your BIK rate varies depending on your car’s CO2 emissions, personal tax rates, and P11d values. However, this is not the case with trucks. Instead, you need to tax a fixed amount, which can vary depending on different factors. This means that you must pay a fixed amount of the company’s vehicle tax for your pickup, which is much lower than the case where the pickup is taxed as a tax on the company car.

Even better, a series of tax breaks can be realized by using pickup as a company’s vehicle, making it a disproportionately cheap alternative to SUVs or traditional SUVs. It’s important to note that to get these tax benefits, your truck must be classified as a light commercial vehicle or LCV. For a dual cab, you need a payload at least one ton.

This is also very attractive, as the new BIK rate will soon come into effect, which means that even those who have a company car emitting a small amount of carbon dioxide will pay more than before. That’s why we think that microphones are becoming more popular because they only require a fixed amount.

They Are Turning To Be Extremely Luxurious:

There is a convenient and luxurious pickup that makes it a perfect feature car, you don’t have to worry about your professional look, you won’t be afraid of your home space. For instance, if you bring the Nissan NP300 Navara, it is equipped with an infotainment system with satellite navigation and is compatible with your smartphone. It can also be equipped with a panoramic sunroof, dual air conditioning, and NASA-inspired seating.

You cannot get it at Vauxhall Astra or, the new Mercedes pickup truck. Considered the game changer on the pickup market, we have no doubt that the Mercedes-Benz X-Class will pave the way for the new range of luxury pickups. Also, Volkswagen Amarok is considered a better pickup truck from Volkswagen. It features leather upholstery, infotainment system, privacy glass, and heated front seats.

People may be more focused on picking up pickups because they are less luxurious. They are correct; they are not as beautiful as the Mercedes E-Class or the BMW 7 Series. But they are getting more expensive and equipped with a lot of equipment.

So, it is better to sell your van and buy a pickup to cater all your needs. Now you Now What which one ios best for you in Van vs Pickup.

They Are Available With Different Options To Choose From:

Everyone has a pickup to choose according to his style. You can be luxurious, for example, look at the Mitsubishi L200 in the car, but with a lot of safety equipment and a lot of standard equipment. Or, if you do not want to loosen up your wallet but don’t want to compromise in space, it’s like the Great Wall pickup. This won’t break the bank, but it’s convenient, safe, and looks like a room.

This can be a strange reason, but please be patient. The new tax change on company cars means you’ll pay more for your company car than ever before. That means it can exceed your budget, so you have to reduce your next company car. It’s not ideal and certainly will not boost your company’s morale. Plus, you have a great picked out the range.

  • The posh one – Mercedes X-Class
  • The workhorse one – Isuzu D-Max
  • The cheap one – SsangYong Musso
  • The stylish one – Volkswagen Amarok
  • The all-rounder one – Nissan Navara

Conclusion: They are Way Better Than a Van:

The van is not for everyone. And some people need a business vehicle that is practical and payload but want something more advanced and more like a car. This is where the pickup arrives.

It can carry heavy objects while looking like the stuffed inside. It is very convenient and looks professional. It is perfect for those who need a real utility vehicle, but do not want to invest in a basket for any reason. Maybe you have to double as a family car, or you might not think the van is right for you. Whatever the reason, pickup is a happy way.

So that’s why we think your next company car should be a pickup. They are very convenient, they are very luxurious and they are taxed like trucks. This means that you can ultimately save a lot of money in the company’s vehicle tax.

So, sell your van and buy yourself a pickup truck to cater to all your need. To sell your Van in the UK, deal with the best dealers We-Buy-Vans

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